Club Library

Club Library

The SDMRC Library is one of the largest libraries of its kind in Ireland and the UK. There are almost 2,000 books on it’s shelves and several thousand magazines dating back many decades. The range of books held is wide and covers both railways and railway modelling. There are also books on related topics such as trams, buses, electronics and model engineering. The books cover railways on all continents but most are about Irish and British railways and, to a lesser extent, European railways.

The library has benefited from many donations both large and small over the years. Due to the numerous acquisitions in recent years and the pressure this has placed on space, new shelving has been erected.

Members of the club are entitled to borrow books from the library. However this facility has been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. A full list of books is held on the club computer and is regularly updated.

The range of magazines held is also extensive and some titles date back to the 1920’s. The library holds most UK modelling magazine titles as well as some French and American titles. There is also a selection of railway magazine titles. There is also a large number of magazines on model engineering.

The following is a sample list of the magazines held:

  • Model Rail
  • Railway Modeller
  • Continental Modeller
  • Loco Revue (French)
  • British Railway Modelling
  • Practical Railway Modelling
  • Model Railway Constructor
  • Model Engineer
  • Meccano Magazine
  • New Irish Lines
  • Model Railroader

The library also contains over 200 DVD’s on railways throughout the world. Members of the club are also entitled to borrow these from the library.